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Διακοσμητικό Sugar Blossom Skull Polyresin 14.5cm

Διακοσμητική νεκροκεφαλή 



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υλικό: αλαβάστρινη ρητίνη(polyresin)

Covered in pink flowers, this bright pink human skull is also wreathed in green leaves and vines, providing an intriguing colour contrast and symbolising the renewal of life through death. Yellow pollen on the flowers and circling the eyes provide an additional splash of colour. Reminiscent of the colourful calaveras of the Mexican Day of the Dead, this skull is a stylish yet practical way to decorate your home. Cast in the finest resin before being painstakingly hand-painted, this skull is a perfect gift for those who are unafraid of the cycle of life and death.

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